Friday, July 29, 2011

Review: Alice Madness Returns (Finished!) while patiently waiting for Catherine...

Katherine and Catherine, yes they have the same name. The game unfortunately only has one name.

So, at the moment I am patiently, anxiously, desperately (?) waiting to receive a copy of Catherine to play. IGN gave it a 9.0 and Game Informer has it set at a 7.0, and I have been waiting for this for months! It's always good to see that a game you've been looking forward to is rated well.  It's a side scrolling (at times), puzzle laiden, RPG tainted twisted little gem that is sure to deliver at the VERY least a unique experience. Check out the IGN review:

So on that note as of now I have just been playing A LOT of Morrowind. Can you play too much Elder Scrolls? I think not. Started a new character in attempts to satiate my Skyrim Fever. Hardy har har. Been getting a weird urge to replay Fall Out 3 and Fall Out New Vegas again as well. Bethesda Fever is more like it.

Morrowind Screenshot. Probably being reprimanded for being Outlander Scum.

Onto Alice... or back to Alice? I have just about finished the game and I have to say any concerns you may have with it becoming tedious or repetitive are completely unfounded. I found the game to be awesome from beginning to end. I am also the kind of player who looks at and explores EVERY nook and cranny in games and I even had a hard time finding everything (you have to collect memories, red rose paint, snouts, teeth, bottles, etc). A challenge and a treat! Go play it!

7.5 out of 10

As soon as I receive and play Catherine I will be posting a review so keep your eyes peeled!  Any one else played it? It appears to be underrated for how unique of a game it is. Watch the IGN review and let me know what YOU GUYS think!

Happy Gaming and Vidya Love,

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  1. Bethesda FTW!!!!! You're not the only one with Skyrim fever.