Friday, July 29, 2011

Review: Alice Madness Returns (Finished!) while patiently waiting for Catherine...

Katherine and Catherine, yes they have the same name. The game unfortunately only has one name.

So, at the moment I am patiently, anxiously, desperately (?) waiting to receive a copy of Catherine to play. IGN gave it a 9.0 and Game Informer has it set at a 7.0, and I have been waiting for this for months! It's always good to see that a game you've been looking forward to is rated well.  It's a side scrolling (at times), puzzle laiden, RPG tainted twisted little gem that is sure to deliver at the VERY least a unique experience. Check out the IGN review:

So on that note as of now I have just been playing A LOT of Morrowind. Can you play too much Elder Scrolls? I think not. Started a new character in attempts to satiate my Skyrim Fever. Hardy har har. Been getting a weird urge to replay Fall Out 3 and Fall Out New Vegas again as well. Bethesda Fever is more like it.

Morrowind Screenshot. Probably being reprimanded for being Outlander Scum.

Onto Alice... or back to Alice? I have just about finished the game and I have to say any concerns you may have with it becoming tedious or repetitive are completely unfounded. I found the game to be awesome from beginning to end. I am also the kind of player who looks at and explores EVERY nook and cranny in games and I even had a hard time finding everything (you have to collect memories, red rose paint, snouts, teeth, bottles, etc). A challenge and a treat! Go play it!

7.5 out of 10

As soon as I receive and play Catherine I will be posting a review so keep your eyes peeled!  Any one else played it? It appears to be underrated for how unique of a game it is. Watch the IGN review and let me know what YOU GUYS think!

Happy Gaming and Vidya Love,

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Apology for my brief hiatus!

Alright guys so I must apologize for my absence the past few months but I haven't been playing many games! This month however I have been checking out some pretty sweet ones and have some awesome reviews in the works! A few oldies but goodies, but also including a lot of new games (mostly for the Xbox 360 I must confess). 2011 has produced some awesome shit so far, and Mother Flipping SKYRIM everyone (11-11-11). Have YOU made plans to name YOUR first born son Dovahkiin yet? No... really though. Check it out - Dovahkiin? DOVAHKIIN!

Anywhozenheimer.... I am currently playing (as in right this moment it's on my TV actually) ALICE Madness Returns and I have to say it's pretty good so far. I am almost done with Chapter 2 and I've already put in quite a good bit of time into it. There are 6 Chapters, 5 being fairly long and the 6th being a shorter boss level. It's not CRAZY challenging but there are a lot of things to look out for and collect and you utilize just about every button, which I just find makes it more enjoyable to play.

There are a lot of different enemies to fight and the style of graphics is very unique and aesthetically pleasing. I just like looking at all the weird and cool shit haha!

My friends also happen to think I look similar to Alice in the game, so I guess that might make me a wee bit biased? BUT I promise it's not ;-)

Maybe a teensy bit. And if I was cartoon. 

I will post a final score/review for the game when I'm finished with it, but currently I am thinking it's going to be scored at the very least higher than IGN's! Which was 6.5 by the way.

Do you guys have any games you've really liked this year? Is anyone else with me on the whole 2011 is putting out some decent stuff? What games are YOU most excited for?

Anyways ladies and gents I am so excited to post all of the reviews I have all jumbled up in my head. Expect some new stuff soon, and as always...

Happy Gaming!

Friday, April 08, 2011

"Hey Ash, whatcha playin'?"

...No not that internet show. If you haven't seen it link HERE. One of my good guy friends thinks she's hot, meh whatevs.

 I decided for my first game related post (yes that last one was just a snarky introduction... snarky?) I would just give a quick overview of a couple of things I am playing. When you hear this list you are going to think I have traveled back to the 1990's. I have discovered this little gem of a site which offers a lot of awesome Gameboy games I used to love (AKA Pokemon in every shade imaginable) and I have definitely been getting a lot of use out of it. AND IT'S FREE! And I don't have to illegally download it and take up a shit load of space on my computer! Or actually pay money for it! Ahh, see the best things in live really are free. Here's the link in case you haven't had the pleasure of discovering this yet - One thing, very important - you need to create an account (for free free, and no I am not being paid to advertise for this I just actually like the site) in order to save your game. Or you can just leave the tab open until you beat the game, but that's a little risky. My cats like to walk on my keyboard and open and close programs with their chubby little haunches. Urg. ANYWAYS, on to the games of the moment.

The one that has getting the most play so far has actually been The Legend of Zelda - Oracle of Seasons. Maybe it's just me but I find this game to be a lot less challenging then other Zelda games I've played in the past. Needless to say this little setback hasn't kept me from playing til the wee hours of the morn. I am currently nearing the end of the third dungeon, Poison Moth's Lair. So far the world seems pretty small, but with the rod of season you have the ability to change the seasons, thus changing your surroundings and giving you (in a way) 4 different worlds. So far I am really enjoying this, but I am definitely a Zelda lover and have played just about every game.

This game syncs up with Oracle of Ages. If you have a Gameboy Color I reccomend playing both!    

The next one on the list is actually from this decade, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. I must say I find these games insanely cute and fun. I am a puzzle freak and enjoy any type of brainteaser so if you do too GET THESE GAMES! Plus they all have a really interesting story line that keeps you guessing. Granted it is a bit juvenile at times but it's an all ages game so that's to be expected, but don't let those easy puzzles dishearten you! This game definitely has it's challenges. Highly recommended if you have a DS.

          Screen shot, from Professor Layton, Time to click for those hint coins.

And lastly I have just started to play Pokemon Blue again. This was the very first game I purchased for my (Neon Green, mind you) Gameboy Color. Meeemmmorrriesss.... :-) This game is awesome, plain and simple. If you've played a Pokemon game before you know the jist. If you haven't WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!? Get out there and pick one up or go to and start one! These are just all around feel good games (kind of like mac and cheese is to food or Harry Potter is to movies). It has battles, RPG elements, and cute little Pokemon. Yes that last one matters. I did say I was a girl.

Let me guess Professor Oak, I get to pick a Pokemon from you?

Wow no x-box 360 games to list! I am currently watching my boyfriend play an immense amount of Mirrors Edge for 360 though, and that looks pretty awesome. I might have to play that while he goes to work today... hmm...

Have you guys ever played any of the games listed? How did you like them? No spoilers I haven't finished the first two yet! Any game suggestions? Any questions? Leave a comment or send me an e-mail! I like people!

I am off my fellow gamers of the world, keep those hearts full! (wow bad joke)

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Hello Blog World!

Ok first off two things. Maybe three. One, I am not new at blogging. I have had oh, I don't know, 15 Xangas (remember those?!) and many other various blogger, livejournal, otherjournal, internetblogsrus type things. Needless to say my intentions are good but I never could stay interested (or popular) enough to keep blogging. Fortunately gaming is something I will not tire of, at least any time soon. Which brings me to my next point, I am not new at gaming. I have been in love with vidja games since I first put my little baby hands on a SNES controller and pounded and slobbered all over it trying to make Mario move. Ahh, love. Oh, and also I am a girl.  A lady. A real live woman. No penis! This is very important, please remember this.

Contrary to popular belief, I actually know how to work an Xbox controller, and could probably Blow you out of the water with my knowledge of Elder Scrolls Lore, although I'm still not sure if that last one is something I should be bragging about. Excuse me while I retreat back into my Nerd Cave in Nerdville on Geek Street in Dweebtown USA. I am a self proclaimed NERD and proud of it. I could also probably go head to head with you on LOTR trivia, and even write you a little something in Sindarin but now we're crossing into a whole 'nother stretch of territory...

ANYWAYS, back to the good stuff right? I am currently playing a whole plethora of games and have a bunch of stuff I am excited to talk about. This is mainly geared towards video, PC, point and click, some MMO's, and well... you get the idea. Although If I happen to dust off my old Simpsons Edition of Clue, I might just have to do a little something special just for that, HA!  I hope you stick around and see whats to come. Because YES girls can be cute, funny, AND LIKE AWESOME SHIT. Tell your friends, it changed my life when I found this out too :-)

To callused thumbs everywhere,